• AGBU Los Angeles Choir

AGBU Los Angeles Choir

The AGBU Los Angeles Choir was formed in November 2018 to inspire the community through quality Armenian music and the pursuit of artistic excellence in choral music performances. In its short existence, the choir enrolled more than 25 members of which include talented vocalists and instrumentalists. The choir’s debut performance was in January 2019 for AGBU Western Region’s ‘A Classical Evening in Honor of Arno Babajanyan.’ Since then, they have held numerous concerts and performed at prestigious venues in Los Angeles.

Untitled designChoir Master, Nektar Mirakyan is a renowned conductor born in Yerevan, Armenia to a family of musicians. Her lifelong passion for music began at the tender age of 5 and has guided her on an illustrious journey in the realm of classical music. Mirakyan’s impressive career spans decades of  service to the art of conducting. She embarked on her musical education at a specialized musical school, where she received extensive training in choir vocal techniques. Building on this foundation, she pursued her studies in Choir Conducting at the prestigious Yerevan State Conservatory under the guidance of Romanos Melikyan.

Mirakyan served as a Choirmaster at the renowned Student Opera, a role she embraced for 25 years. Additionally, she led the Men’s Choir at the esteemed “Ksinter” Cultural Communication Center of Armenia for three years and later took on the role of conductor for the St. Mariam Church Choir. Throughout her career, Mirakyan has showcased her profound understanding of musical expression and interpretation. With her captivating and emotive performances, she has become a respected figure in the classical music scene.

Classes are held every Tuesday from 7pm-9pm

AGBU Vatche & Tamar Manoukian Cultural Center

Free enrollment

Vocal technique training and group practice

For more information, please contact the Western Region office at wrinfo@agbu.org or call (626) 794- 7942

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