• AGBU LA Junior Choir

AGBU LA Junior Choir



The AGBU LA Junior Choir is a perfect way to connect Armenian youth to heritage and culture through the arts providing aspiring singers a place to develop their skills, build confidence and grow as performers. Aspiring singers ages 7-17 meet once a week for a combination vocal technique training and ensemble practice with ongoing opportunities for community performances.

Through the AGBU LA Junior Choir, a new generation of Armenian singers will be mentored to usher in AGBU’s illustrious history of Armenian artistic traditions, eventually joining our already established adult AGBU LA Choir program.


Class Details:

Thursday evening from 5:00pm-6:30pm

AGBU Vatche and Tamar Manoukian Cultural Center 2495 E. Mountain Street, Pasadena

Each session includes 45 minutes of vocal training and 45 minutes of choir practice.

Fees: $120 monthly per child. 


Vocals Technique Session

Students will learn techniques for the proper use of vocal cords, breath control, and voice projection. Our exercises are administered for young vocalists to reach their full singing potential. Students will spend 45 minutes each week learning vocal techniques, which will then be applied to choir practice in a group setting.

Choir Practice Session

Students will transfer their skills and apply them to ensemble practice. In this session, our Maestro will determine their pitch as a Soprano, Alto, Tenor, or Bass. Students will harness the art of listening to each other, harmonizing, learning songs, and observing various pitch differentiation. Students will spend 45 minutes each week practicing as a choir and learning art of collaborative singing.


The culmination of the sessions will be a showcase our young performing artists’ hard work and dedication. Throughout the year, both AGBU LA Junior Choir and the AGBU LA Choir will organize concerts and performances for the community. Every show is thoughtfully produced to spotlight our artists and provide a platform to shine.